Why People Lie, Stats & Risk Factors

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Why People Lie, Stats & Risk Factors

The last thing you can expect to hear from a person you are talking to. But why exactly they lie?

The answer is interesting!
People deceive to gain power.

Yes, you have heard it right! 

According to social behavioral experts, lying is actually used for getting dominance. Do you remember when did you tell half-truth last time?

Coming back to the real world, a research tells us that 22% of average people, like you and me lies for deception or covering a mistake. You can relate it to your teenage trivial untruth stories. How our parents believed that we were attending school what we bunked!

The second group with 16% observation lies for getting some financial benefit! I wonder how your friend did tell near the truth to take a loan from you!

If you are in the next group of liars with a 15% of the population, you would probably tell a lie to get a personal advantage. The rest of them lie to avoid an annoying figure, or to be funny in social gathering!

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