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Deception Eyes/Face Expressions – Module IV

Module Four – Detecting lies & deception through Eyes & Face Expressions

Hello there!

Are you ready to catch some liars? Well, of course, you are!

We will see how eyes and facial expressions can give you a hint of lying. Let’s start then!

You know what they say? Faces are like books if you can read them. And, there are millions of cells on our face. When we smile, cry or get angry, every and each one of these cells moves! This is the first trick of detecting a liar!

If someone lies about being happy, you will see the change on his face for a millisecond. The actual sorrow will reflect there for a second and then a fake smile. You will get to know how!

The conflicting nature of facial expressions can be a great weapon to use against liars.

A clear sign of deception can be found in the eyes. You know, eye speaks more than just words! And, it cannot lie. When someone lies in front of you, the blinking rate rises.

Can you remember what your blinking rate was when…umm… your mom asked about THAT result? It has to be faster than normal!

The liar is not able to look at your eyes with a normal blinking rate. Lying is a hard task for your brain and it consumes a lot of energy.

Now, you know the background story of a liar’s eye!

Is your friend blinking abnormally and not looking at you?

You got him! He is lying!

The last sign of a liar in this lesson is a certain eye movement. Two part of our brain works differently. The left part of it is for imagination.

Yes! That is the reason you look to the left when you draw a picture. Lying requires a highly detailed imagination. Two tricks to detect. Do you want to know? Closing eyes or looking to the left!

If your employee is lying, he will describe the problem looking to left OR closing the eye for a loooong one second. And, you will know he is lying.

So, observe the face and eyes. Detect blinking, attention, and expression. You can catch your liar red-handed!


Blink & Attention Rate - Visual-LieDetector.org

Lying Checkpoint No. 1 – Blink Rate

Normal blink rate: between 6 to 8 times per minute and eyes remain closed each time for 1 40th of a second.

When you lie you use more energy because your brain is creating the new reality – High Blink rate is a common sign of lying.

They blink less than normal during the lie period and then have a flurry up to eight times faster than usual afterward.


Key Performance Indicator: Compare Blink Rate in “Soft vs Hard Questions”


Lying Checkpoint No. 2 – Attention Rate

Attention rate: Eyes movements detect Deception

Avoid looking at you in the Eyes – Not Interested in what is said.

Trained liers know it and will look directly into your eyes.

The reason for No eye contact is because they are hiding something.

Key Performance Indicator:

Compare Attention Rate in “Soft vs Hard Questions”